Nick Willner

Nick Willner

Please introduce yourself briefly (name, age, place of residence)

I am Nick, I am 20 years old, and I live at Kronberg.


Who else is in your family?

My parents, my brother, my grandparents, my cousins and of course my bikes!


What's your profession? What do you like about it?

I am studying sports economics as a dual student at the “Deutsche Hochschule für Prävention und Gesundheitsmanagement” in Saarbrücken. This can be combined quite well with my hobby, since I can examine aspects of training science through my own training. By the way, I also earn a few euros and have some practical experience in the world of work.


What do sport in general and mountain biking in particular mean to you?

I have been doing sports since my childhood. This helps me to develop ambition and to transfer this into my everyday life. On mountain biking especially, I love the movement in nature. After stressful days at school or at work, there is almost nothing more relaxing than cycling up seemingly endless mountains while enjoying nature.


Is there anything else for you other than work and mountain biking?

Yes, there is. My family, my girlfriend and my friends are very important to me and have a high priority in my life.


What memories/experiences have you had with MaXalami?

I had to do with MaXalami for the first time after buying my first Enduro bike. To puncture repair I always had a couple of Salamis with me when I was training. In 2017 I was also allowed to test the first PTN’s for my sponsor HIBIKE. Since then, I have tested some tire inserts and have chosen to use the PTN Rokkline as my favorite insert.


How do you manage to reconcile your training with work and family or friends?

Flexing time at work helps me, so I can ride a few hours in the winter before going to work. In the summer, it does not bother me to train a little later, or just get up earlier to go cycling. My friends and family also have a good understanding of my sport and accept that I always train on the weekends.


How many hours a week do you work and how many do you train?

I work 32 hours a week and then study about 15 hours a week for my studies. The training schedule varies according to the season and the main training zones. On average, it is about 15 hours a week.


Do you adapt your diet to your sport and what do you pay attention to?

As far as possible, yes. I eat mainly vegetarian without any milk or gluten. Besides, I always prepare fresh food.


What does a typical day during the week look like for you?

5:30 getting up
6:00 training
9:00 work and breakfast
13:00 lunch
17:00 back at home
17:30 learning
19:30 cooking / eating and other household activities
22:00 going to bed


What do you remember most about the past season?

Last year was great! After my final exams, I spent 4 weeks in the Alps and cycled every day at Europe's most beautiful bike resorts. That was an absolute dream! In addition, the races in Paganella, at the Lago di resia and in Breitenbrunn are among the greatest races I have ever ridden so far, so I'm back at the start there next year for sure!


What goals have you set yourself for the 2020 season?

Honestly - no. I'm just training harder and more focused than ever before. I'm going to do races I have always enjoyed to do. Since I will start especially at international races, it is extremely difficult to estimate what I can achieve there. First and foremost I want to stay injury free and have as much fun as possible!


Always Fullgaz!