Marc Stutzmann


Please introduce yourself briefly (name, age, place of residence)

Marc, 28, from Belp, this is beautiful Switzerland.


Who else is in your family?

I live together with my girlfriend Melanie and have very good contact to my parents who support me actively.


What is your profession? What do you like about it?

I work in a bicycle shop. I like the great versatility and the contact with customers.


What do sport in general and mountain biking in particular mean to you?

I love the activity in nature all year round. What fascinates me about mountain biking is the technology and the constant innovations and improvements.


Is there anything else for you other than work and mountain biking?

Besides my work and mountain biking, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, parents and friends. This gives me a good change.


What memories/experiences have you had with MaXalami?

At the Swiss Epic this year I had a puncture on the last stage. Thanks to the MaXalami Twister handlebar pin, I was able to fix it quickly and hardly lost any time.


How do you manage to harmonize your training with work and family or friends?

In addition to a very flexible employer, I have a great environment which supports me and always stands behind me. So I can always finish my trainings as planned.


How many hours per week do you work and how many do you train?

I work between 10-20 hours a week, depending on the season. In addition to working, I train 15-25 hours a week.


Do you adapt your diet to your sport and what do you pay attention to?

I pay particular attention to a balanced diet and see that I mainly use regional products.


What does a typical day during the week look like for you?

7:00                   Getting up
07:10-07:45        Breakfast: Muesli and an espresso from my strainer coffee machine
08:30-12:00        Training
12:00-12:45        Food
13:00-19:00        Working
19:20-20:00        Dinner
20:00-22:00        Stretch and watch TV
22:15                 Sleeping


What do you remember most about the past season?

The two stage races in Croatia (4 Islands) and Switzerland ( Swiss Epic ). To compete together is unique, because you experience success and defeat together.


What goals have you set yourself for the 2020 season?

My goal is to be on the podium at the international marathon races as well as at the national championships.


Marc, thanks for the interview! We are looking forward to a great season with you!