Markus Kaufmann


Markus Kaufmann (* 1981) is a German racing cyclist with a focus on mountain biking.
In 2012 and 2016 Markus became German Champion in the  Mountain Bike Marathon. In this discipline he started several times at world championships, his best ranking was a sixth place in 2015. Together with his partner Jochen Käß he won the stage race Bike Transalp in 2014 and 2015 and already 6 times the Zillertal Bike Challenge. [source: Wikipedia]


Please introduce yourself briefly (name, age, place of residence)

Markus, 38, Friedrichshafen


Who else is in your family?

My wife Katharina, she is a half-italien. So I will not want to enumerate the whole family... ;-)

Otherwise I also have many bicycles... :-)


What's your profession? What do you like about it?

I work part-time at Lightweight. Here I work all day with light carbon wheels.


What do sport in general and mountain biking in particular mean to you?

To train your body to perform at its best. I am extremely enthusiastic about lightweight construction and technology on the bike.


Is there anything for you other than work and mountain biking?

I would never have thought it possible, but since one year I have a new hobby. Our garden or lawn must always be in top condition, it's pretty bourgeois. 


What memories/experiences have you had with MaXalami?

Fortunately I have never had to use the MaXalami in competition (Toi Toi Toi). But in the training, the air had no chance to escape at all. The MaXalami Twister was ready to hand.


How do you manage to harmonize your training with work and family or friends?

The day must always be strictly planned. This sometimes leads to stress, but it mostly works. My wife respects the sport and gives with the free space.


How many hours a week do you work and how many do you train?

On average I work 25 hours, the training varies between 15-25 hours.


Do you adapt your diet to your sport and what do you pay attention to?

I adjust the diet slightly to the intensity of your training. I've tried different nutritional trends, gluten-free, LowCarb... it didn't work for me. It's important to feel good about your diet.


What does a typical day during the week look like for you?

6:20 Getting up
06:30-7:00 morning sports (running, stabi, stretching)
07:30-12:00 work
09:00 Breakfast
12:15 Lunch
13:00-17:00 Training
18:30 Food
19:00 Stretching
22:00 Bed rest


What do you remember most about the past season?

I was anything but satisfied with my first half of the season. I like to remember the second half of the season, which went better with new training control.


What goals have you set yourself for the 2020 season?

To land on the podium again more regularly, especially at the DM and UCI marathon races.


Markus, thank you very much for the interview. We keep our fingers crossed for you for the new season!