Behind the products of MaXalami I stand, Max Friedrich.

As a graduate mechanical engineer (TU), I have mastered the 3D CAD systems Solid Works, FreeCAD and Creo Pro/E. I use them for development, design and detail engineering as well as for the implementation of customer-specific projects, as I know them from daily practice. Of course, this also includes close cooperation and coordination with customers and suppliers.

My offer to you:

1 Constructive realization of individual parts, assemblies up to complex plants from the idea up to the realization.
2. 2D and 3D data creation (step, iges, stl, ect.) using FreeCAD
3. 3D Prototype Printing (PLA)
4. Contacts to low-cost metal construction suppliers, e.g. in Asia
5. Support of the product cycle up to series production.

Especially small companies without their own development department but also private persons like to use my know-how. I look forward to hearing from you at